MIC Dinner

MIC Dinner – Friday, 1st of November 2019

The MIC dinner promises to be an exciting social function taking place in Manchester’s most celebrated building, the Free Trade Hall (converted to Radisson Blu Edwardian, Manchester Hotel) located right next the Conference Centre on Peter Street. It is a historic landmark which combines award-winning modern style, elegance and Venetian palazzo architecture. It was built in 1853-56 by Edward Walters to commemorate the 1846 repeal of the Corn Laws and was designated a Grade II listed building in 1963. This iconic building was a venue for public meetings and political speeches (Charles Dickens, Benjamin Disraeli, Winston Churchill, Women’s Social and Political Union activists, amongst others) but also a world famous concert hall, where many stars performed (Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Sex Pistols, amongst others), Manchester’s premier music hall until 1996.

The dinner will take place in the magnificent Halle Suite, Manchester’s largest venue, which was home of Hallé Orchestra, one of UK’s top symphonic ensembles. Founded by Sir Charles Hallé, the Orchestra gave its first concert in the Free Trade Hall on 30/1/1858 followed by numerous exquisite performances through the years until its last concert there on 30/6/1996. The Halle Suite with its rich history remains a beautifully decorated space with inspiring works of art, original artefacts and natural light adding that “ambience” finish. It truly is the ideal option for a memorable social gathering.

MIC Co-Chairs

Dimitra Darambara and Suleman Surti