Joint Sessions

Joint NSS/MIC/RTSD sessions will be held in the earlier part of the week following a long-established tradition. These sessions will be focussed on topics that are of relevance to more than one research community to minimize submission and presentation duplications. New this year is the grouping of the papers to be presented at the joint sessions; they will be organized by topic similarly to all the other sessions. While abstracts will have to be submitted to one of the three conferences, the interested authors will have the opportunity to highlight the relevance of their research to a wider audience at the abstract submission stage through an appropriate check-box. A final selection of the papers that will be presented at these sessions will be made collectively by the conference program chairs.

Topics of particular relevance to the joint sessions are:

  • Multi-modality approaches
  • Electronics, DAQ and signal processing
  • Fast timing (hardware, software and systems)
  • New detectors developments and applications
  • Advance imaging technologies and relevant data analysis methods
  • Scintillators and photon detectors
  • Semiconductor-based and pixelated imaging systems
  • Simulation, modeling and hybrid computing
  • Dosimetry

Vesna Sossi
Joint Session Chair