This conference is the premier gathering of experts in radiation detection instrumentation with its applications in nuclear science (including space and security) and medical imaging. The synergy created by the joining of the scientific communities in Nuclear Science and Medical Imaging, and also Room Temperature Semiconductor Detectors, is significant as it stimulates the exchange of knowledge and generation of new ideas among engineers, medical physicists and physicians. Increasingly, the conference has become the launching ground for the next generation of instruments, influencing development across several fields including medical imaging.

Primary sponsorship: Help us to support the next generation of scientific leaders and decision makers.

The conference attracts the scientific leaders in the field as well as acting as a stimulus to the next generation of scientists who will shape the future of the field. The conference organizers wish in particular to encourage the participation of young researchers from across the international community and to support their attendance at the meeting. To achieve this, we need you to act as a sponsor for the meeting.
Please support us by

  • Providing grants for participating young researchers (£2,000 – £5000 will help 3 to 8 young scientists to attend the meeting).
  • Providing fellowships for exceptional young researchers
  • Supporting attendance by young researchers from specific countries or regions

In recognition of your support we will include your logo in our promotional materials (website and electronic conference program booklet) as well as at the conference itself (posters in the common areas, meeting room screens between sessions).

Additional sponsorship options:

Please also consider supporting one of our alternative sponsorship packages which are designed to promote your company/ organisation:

  • Major highlighted sponsorship (£25,000 – £50,000)
  • Sponsorship of specific dinner or lunch event (NSS, MIC, or RTSD) (£10,000 – £20,000)
  • Logo on conference bags, pens, lanyards, or notepads (£2,000 – £6,000, sole sponsor of bag – £8,000)
  • Banner ads on the mobile app (£400)

How to sponsor:

To discuss your sponsorship contact NSS: Malcolm Joyce (m.joyce@lancaster.ac.uk); MIC: Brian Hutton (b.hutton@ucl.ac.uk); RTSD: Paul Sellin (p.sellin@surrey.ac.uk)

To submit your sponsorship payment, contact the conference treasurer: Ron Keyser (ronkeyser@ieee.org)

Exhibition space:

You may also be interested in participating in the industrial program for the meeting. Details of the industrial exhibition can be found on the exhibition page.