MIC Dinner

MIC Dinner – Friday, November 6, 2020

The MIC dinner promises to be an exciting social function taking place in one of Boston’s premier visitor attractions, the New England Aquarium.  Boston has had four aquariums over the past 150 years: the Boston Aquarial Gardens (1859), the Boston Aquarial Gardens and Zoological Gardens (1861), the South Boston Aquarium (1912), and the present-day New England Aquarium (1969), a private, nonprofit aquarium on the Boston waterfront with breathtaking surroundings.

The New England Aquarium is one of the world’s first modern aquariums, where attendees of the MIC dinner will be able to explore the oceans and visit thousands of marine animals in four levels of world-class exhibits.  Generations of Bostonians have learned to appreciate the wonders of marine life by visiting this cultural institution which is committed to marine animal conservation, leadership in education, innovative scientific research, and effective advocacy for vital and vibrant oceans.

Upon arrival at the aquarium, you will enjoy pre-dinner drinks and hors-d’oeuvres on the magnificent Main Exhibit Gallery on level 4 which features a 200,000 gallon Giant Ocean Tank that is inhabited by 120 species (about 1,000 animals). The dinner will be a seated buffet dinner of premium Boston produce and wines.  The Giant Ocean Tank inspires visitors with the beauty and complexity of marine habitat through replication of a Caribbean coral reef.  This four-story habitat features a coral reef and hundreds of Caribbean reef animals, including sea turtles, stingrays, eels, and fishes. At its deepest point, the Giant Ocean Tank goes down 23 feet. It is 40 feet wide and holds 200,000 gallons of salt water. This exhibit is so big that, 50 years ago, it was built first, and then the rest of the Aquarium was built around it! It truly is the ideal option for a memorable 2020 MIC Dinner.

Since numbers for the reception & dinner event is capped, we recommend getting your ticket early. We look forward to seeing you there and enjoying lively discussion with colleagues and friends while enjoying typical New England Sea Food and other dishes.

Round trip Bus Service: Bus transportation will be provided to take you from Westin Boston at 6:30pm to the Aquarium and back to Westin at 10pm.  The New England Aquarium is only 1.0 mile from the Convention Center.

Georges El Fakhri, MIC Chair
Ramsey Badawi, MIC Deputy-Chair