Dear Industrial Partner:

The 2020 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference and 27th Symposium on Room-Temperature Semiconductor Detectors will be a virtual conference this year due to the global situation of COVID-19. This joint conference has historically been one of the largest and most important technical meetings in the field of radiation detection instrumentation and signal processing for high energy physics, medical imaging, photon science, space applications, homeland security, and much more. We expect that the virtual conference will still attract the active participation of an international group of world-class scientists and engineers who present their most recent research results. The attendance may even be larger because of no travel and lower costs. It will provide an exceptional opportunity for you to showcase your newest products and services, and we hope you can participate in this meeting.

You will have a private virtual booth. You can get in touch with participants through presentations on topics such as new products or service offerings, technology demonstrations, and recruitment strategies. You may also insert short advertisements within the technical program.

The virtual booth will be active for the full 5 days of the conference – nearly doubling the interaction time with customers. Exhibitors will substantially have the same presence, exposure, and interaction with the community as they would on a regular year, just in a virtual way.

Here is an outline of our plan:

Your booth will be presented within two areas:

  1. Static view available through the whole conference period within the online program even after the live part has finished (November 2 – November 20 (tentative)
  2. Interactive booth available within the live presentation platform (November 2 – November 6)

Static view: Your booth will have a static view where you can have up to a few hundred simultaneous participants touring your booth without direct interaction required on your part. In this area you may offer optional links to documents, flyers, product and company videos, a brief description of your company, your logo contact and address details, links to your live presentations and an interactive contact form for participants.

Interactive booth: You receive an interactive room where you can meet up to 10 participants in a video meeting simultaneously and in addition, up to 300 hundred participants can follow your interactive talks. This enables you to show presentations live, showcase your products in real time, and present your company in a virtual booth, which shows your real booth. This could be a booth set up at your own facility, manned by your staff.

At the time your interactive booth is not occupied, you will be able to automatically show product videos or presentations For companies that have a presence across time zones, the booth can be kept active by staff located in different zones if it is so desired. Of course, you can still add static content to your interactive booth via links as described above in the “static view”.

A “contact me” button will forward requests with qualified contact data from the participants immediately to you.

Each interactive booth comes automatically with functions for live chat, live Q&A, live polls, and live contact possibility to each participant.

When you want to go into a private meeting room (additional virtual room next to your public virtual booth) you have the possibility to open such a private meeting room and invite guests. The opportunities you have available in those private virtual meeting rooms are the same as described under interactive booth.

In addition, you will have the possibility to upload a technical presentation to be given live in the Tech Session and upload a video recording of the presentation to the conference system which will be available in the online program for all registered participants during and for a period of time after the conference.

The booth price is now $2,000 for a virtual booth. Only single booths are offered.

For the booth price, you will now receive:

  • Three (3) full conference registration codes free of charge with access to all sessions like a regular participant for the complete conference of 5 days.
  • All uploaded videos as well as presentations will be available at all times during the conference and remain available in the system until end of November for all attendees to access.
  • In the conference system
    • The possibility to give a presentation in the Tech Session
    • Your company logo on the conference sponsors page
    • Virtual Booth presence
  • Virtual Program (All Sessions)
    • Your company logo on the coffee breaks slides or equivalent
    • You decide how the company booth is equipped or what content you want to present there. For example, you can present your company booth live with a camera and at the same time, a product video can be shown in the Virtual Booth.

We sincerely hope you will honor us with your support and participation.

We recommend you do not miss the opportunity to further increase your visibility to the scientific community by participating in the Exhibitor Technical Sessions, which will be held in a meeting room with the main sessions on Wednesday. These presentations should be aimed at providing basic technical information on the usage and/or performance of a product or service. Each talk will be allocated 18 minutes including presentation and discussion. These talks will be scheduled in line with the other scientific technical sessions and will be fully integrated with the main conference program, encouraging greater attendee awareness and participation. Presentation time slot and title must be submitted on the conference website before 1 October 2020. The number of talks will be limited, so submit your request early to avoid being left out.

On behalf of the 2020 NSS MIC Organizing Committee and its General Chair, Lorenzo Fabris, we invite you to take part in this unique opportunity to present your products and to network with our world-class scientific and technical communities. Your active participation is crucial for the success of this meeting, and we thank you for your continued support through your attendance. We look forward to seeing you virtually.

Lorenzo Fabris
General Chair

Ron Keyser
Exhibition Chair


To register your booth, follow this link.