Virtual Conference Information

Virtual 2020 IEEE NSS MIC Conference

Welcome to the first Virtual IEEE NSS MIC. We are preparing for a great and successful conference. Almost a thousand papers and posters will be presented during this conference week. Many exhibitors will also be present with the ability of interacting with our attendees in real time during the conference. Visit the exhibition area and click through the individual company profiles! We would also like to thank our sponsors, who are making it possible for as many as 220 students to participate in the conference. Thanks to their support! Visit the sponsors page,  take a look, and say thanks to those sponsors!

The conference will take place according to the usual and well-known schedule that can be accessed through the online program. Thus, all time zones should have the possibility to be part of the live program, even if sometimes only partially. But this year there is a big advantage compared to the past in-person events. You can watch the relevant presentations as soon as they have been presented live. We plan to have all presentation videos available in the conference system just after they are presented, until the end of November. This means that you won’t miss a talk even during a parallel event and you can even rewind recorded videos if something is not clear the first time around. Furthermore, you have the possibility to contact/ask the speaker directly during the live presentation in the chat, as well as at any time after the presentation is over.

Note that we want to have as many live presentations as possible, so we would like to point out that the videos we request ahead of time are only intended to be used as a backup if a speaker cannot be present for some reason.

Please be careful in adapting the time of sessions to your time zone!

Below are some guidelines to help you to prepare for the conference and participate in the live sessions.

In keeping with the typically informal and interactive atmosphere of the NSS/MIC conference, we invite you to be active during live sessions by asking questions to our speakers or providing comments and feedback, including on your own research and experience.

Brief overview virtual 2020 IEEE NSS MIC

  Live Presentations On Demand Presentations
Date October 31 – November 07, 2020 October 31 – November 31, 2020
Time zone

Boston Time – relevant for all live presentations

Availability online at the scheduled
time slot
online 24/7 – all oral presentations will be published shortly after they took place live
Accessibility no login required – routed through the online program login required – Login data will be deployed via e-mail shortly before the conference starts assuming the registration to the conference was successfully processed

· oral talks and poster presentations as live presentations according to schedule

· interactive exhibition with live booths

· 7 Short Courses as live presentations according to schedule

· oral talks and poster presentations as recorded video presentations according schedule

· interactive exhibition

· 7 Short Courses as video presentation


· via live Q & A

· via live Chat

· via live video conference

· download of poster presentations

· via comments and notes on each oral and poster presentation

· via attendee lounge (Chat Rooms)

· direct contact to presenters via e-mail

· download of poster presentations

· download of slides
(if available)

Registration required – one ticket to access both areas, short courses access needs to be purchased additionally
Google Chrome (latest version)
Microsoft Edge Chromium (latest version)

What can you expect?

All presenters (oral and poster) should register for the conference by Friday, 23 October at the latest. However, we recommend to register earlier. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for your virtual presentation to be viewable. Please take into account that the registration process can take up to 36 hours or more depending on the registration time due to time zones and payment methods.

All presentations or videos will be uploaded to our conference system and can be viewed there later, when the presentation is over.

For posters it is planned that a short video presentation of 5 minutes be available in advance during the conference week. However, we require the poster presenter to be in his/her own poster room during the time the poster session occurs in order to be able to submit the work to the conference record, or participate in the Student Paper Competition, as usual.

Introduction for the Presentation

Invited, Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations should be recorded beforehand to make them available for viewing by the audience in case there are issues during the live time. Please upload to our conference system at least 48 hours before the presentation. This includes in particular the video presentations for oral talks and poster presentations (*.mp4), the poster file (*.pdf) and the presentation slides for oral talks (*.pptx, *.ppt, *.pdf).

We recommend uploading the presentations in PowerPoint or in a high-resolution PDF format. The PowerPoint layout should be in 16:9 format. We will be happy to convert the PowerPoint files into a PDF for you, which can be accessed by the participants who have registered for the conference. Furthermore, we need a video of you where you record your presentation with sound and if possible a picture of you. This is an excellent opportunity to make the presentation more personal and attractive for the participants. You may use virtual laser pointers or highlight text passages to draw attention to certain areas of your slide while you speak. The corresponding length for the presentations can be found in the online program. Each talk (with the exception of plenary talks) is allocated 18 minutes total: 15 minutes of presentation time followed by 3 minutes of questions & answers. Recorded poster presentations should not exceed the time limit of 5 minutes. Please prepare your presentation accordingly to strictly adhere to these time limits. If not, the presentation will be stopped due to time limits. The presentations must be in English and must be uploaded to the central file server prior to the start of your session. The exact requirements for your upload will be announced in a separate email to the presenter/author. The upload tool only allows you to upload PDF (*.pdf) and Microsoft PowerPoint files (*.ppt, *.pptx). The maximum file size is 50 MB and the upload may be done closer to the conference start. The mp4 video (max. 1 GB) can be recorded using various tools. For more information, please refer to the conference system (link: under ‘Documents’ or later online on the website. It should be noted that the video will only be played if the presenter is unable to give a live presentation due to any difficulties (e.g., no show or technical issues on the part of the presenter).  This is intended to be an emergency option only. The goal is to have as many live talks as possible. All live recorded video presentations will be made available to the conference participants instead of the uploaded video. Furthermore, the participants can also submit a contribution to the Conference Record.

There is no fixed poster size for poster presentations, but we would like to ask you to prepare and send us a one-page 16:9 ratio size PDF in landscape format, and to upload it in the conference system.  Furthermore, you have the possibility to upload a 5 minute video, where you can briefly describe your poster. One can use many tools to prepare a poster, and one option is to use PowerPoint with user defined format (16:9 ratio) in landscape. When the poster is done, you can find a lot of information about how to make a video in PowerPoint as with many other tools. It would be good to use a camera in order to see you during the presentation. You may use a virtual laser pointer while talking. You will find explanations on how to do this in the Oral Presentation Guidelines, except note that your time limit is 5 minutes for the video in MP4 format. This allows the participants to watch the poster and video before the poster session where you will have to be present. During the Poster Session you can discuss and interact with up to 10 people at the same time while other participants can listen and see you and your poster.

Presenting authors are expected to be present at their poster during their entire session (90 min) to explain their paper to the audience and answer questions as appropriate. Papers whose authors are not present at their poster during their assigned session are not eligible for publication in the Conference Record or to participate in the Student Paper Competition. Poster Session Chairs will verify your attendance during the assigned session.

Posters have the same value as an oral presentation and may also be uploaded as a PDF to the online system. During the conference, attendees can take a look at your poster in the password protected upload area, not visible to the public without a password. This gives the opportunity for an attendee to plan ahead and even look at the poster before the poster session starts. Expect to be contacted with comments and questions before and after your session, and after the conference for a time.. We would like to encourage you to follow these guidelines and upload your poster.

Some helpful information may be found HERE

Short Courses are presented live and provided as video. Questions can be asked via a chat and possibly answered directly or later.


The video presentations of the authors of all contributions in the program must be uploaded in the conference tool 48 hours before the presentation; the earlier the better!

After registering for the conference, you will have access in the conference system during and after the conference week to all presentations already presented. We will do our best in making media available right away, but we anticipate a small time delay until the recorded live video presentations are available online in the conference system, depending on the time of the day. Generally, it might take up to 3 hours after the session is over for the presentations to become available.


All live sessions will take place in a virtual conference hall which can be accessed through the conference system (online program). The questions by the audience can be posted via the Q&A tool live or possibly by voice, following the recommendations of the session leader.

Please adjust the session times carefully to your time zone!


If you are lost or have problems accessing the conference system videos, or if you are missing some information, please ask.

Regarding 2020 IEEE NSS MIC matters you can send an email  to the NSS/MIC contact, while for registration questions you can send an email to the EventClass team