2022 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference and

Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector Conference

05 – 12 November 2022, Milano, Italy



Important dates in 2022

14 January

Online booth registration opens

Early August

Exhibitor Manual distributed

01 October

Last day to submit a technical presentation

4 November

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Dear Industrial Partner:

The 2022 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS), Medical Imaging Conference (MIC) and Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector (RTSD) Conference will take place 05 – 12 November 2022. This joint conference has historically been one of the largest and most important technical meetings in the field of radiation detection instrumentation and signal processing for high energy physics, medical imaging, photon science, space applications, homeland security, and much more. It always attracts the active participation of an international group of world-class scientists and engineers who present their most recent research results and attend advanced workshops and courses. It will provide an exceptional opportunity for you to showcase your newest products and services, and we hope you can join us there!

For the past several years attendance at the NSS, MIC and RTSD has averaged about 1800, and we anticipate at least this many in 2022. The 2021 IEEE NSS MIC was a virtual conference with nearly 1500 attendees.

To allow the NSS, MIC, and RTSD communities ample time to visit with you, the exhibits will be open for 3 to 5 days during the conference. This will give you ample time to showcase your products to attendees.

You should not miss the opportunity to further increase your visibility to the scientific community by participating in the Exhibitor Technical Sessions, which will be held in a meeting room with the main sessions planed on Wednesday. These presentations should be aimed at providing basic technical information on the usage and/or performance of a product or service. Each talk will be allocated 30 min including presentation and discussion. These talks will be scheduled in line with the other scientific technical sessions and will be fully integrated with the main conference program, encouraging greater attendee awareness and participation. Presentation time slot and title must be submitted on the conference website before 19 October 2022. The number of talks will be limited, so submit your request early to avoid being left out!

On behalf of the 2022 NSS MIC RTSD Organizing Committee and its General Chair, Chiara Guazzoni, we invite you to take part in this unique opportunity to present your products and to network with our world-class scientific and technical communities. Your active participation is crucial for the success of this meeting, and we thank you for your continued support through your attendance. We look forward to seeing you in 2022.

Please refer to the Exhibitor Package and Booth Layout Info for more information.

Who Should Exhibit at NSS MIC RTSD?

NSS MIC RTSD is one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary conferences focused on  advancements in the fields of nuclear science, radiation detection, software engineering, data acquisition and medical imaging applications. NSS MIC RTSD attendees are interested in products in the following areas:

  • Accelerators and Beam Line Instrumentation
  • Analog and Digital Circuits
  • New Detector Materials
  • Technologies for Medical Imaging
  • Astrophysics and Space Instrumentation
  • Computing and Software for Experiments
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis Systems
  • Detector Systems for Homeland Security
  • Emission Tomography Instrumentation (PET, SPECT)
  • Environmental Health and Safety Instrumentation
  • Gaseous Detectors
  • High Energy Physics Detectors
  • High Resolution Imaging Systems
  • Homeland Security Instrumentation
  • Instrumentation for Medical and Biological Research
  • Intra-operative Probes and Portable Imaging Systems
  • Modeling of Medical Imaging Systems
  • Multi-modality Systems
  • Radiation Detectors
  • Solid State Detectors
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Nuclear Measurements and Monitoring Equipment
  • Nuclear Physics Instrumentation
  • Optical Imaging Technology and Processing, Ultrasound, Synchrotron Radiation, Impedance/Biomagnetic /Bioelectric Imaging
  • Photodetectors and Radiation Imaging
  • Power Supplies
  • Image Processing
  • Radiation Damage Effects
  • Scintillation Detectors
  • Solid State Tracking Detectors
  • Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation
  • Trigger and Front-End Systems
  • X-ray Computed Tomography

Exhibitor Chair

Ron Keyser

Exhibitors & Sponsors

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If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring, please contact the committee at nssmic2022@ieee.org.
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Notes for Exhibition

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Exhibition Map

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