2021 Virtual IEEE Nuclear science symposium and medical imaging conference

28th International Symposium on Room-Temperature Semiconductor Detectors

16 - 23 October 2021

2021 Virtual IEEE Nuclear science symposium and medical imaging conference

16 - 23 October 2021

Dear Colleagues,

The 2021 Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS) and Medical Imaging Conference (MIC), and the International Symposium on Room Temperature Semiconductor Detectors (RTSD), will be held from the 16th to 23rd of October 2021.

The 2021 NSS and MIC is the 68th meeting and the RTSD is the 28th one. This conference is a unique one among many other conferences. The basic interests of its participants are on radiation detectors and instrumentations, and spread from the basic physics to their applications in many fields of study. Especially the application of radiation instrumentations to the medical field is the strong point of this conference. Researchers related to medical physics and those who would like to apply their studies on radiation techniques to medical related fields will be given excellent opportunities in this conference.

Newcomers to this field of study will be guided by short course lectures we provide for many topics. People who are associated with this field for a long time can meet their research friends and their colleagues. We can bring a big synergy in science and technologies by listening to the presentations of NSS, MIC and RTSD and each other.

The organizing committee provides plenary talks given by distinguished researchers and specialist workshops. Also, industrial exhibitions by companies with special products will help you choose your experimental equipment.

Originally, the 2021 IEEE NSS MIC was planned to be held in Yokohama, Japan. However, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forces all of us to stay in our own country. The organizing committee has changed the conference style to virtual, following the success of 2020 Boston virtual conference. The participants will feel at home in the coming virtual conference, having on-line meetings and conferences experienced during the year 2020.

On behalf of the entire organizing committee, we warmly welcome you to the 2021 IEEE NSS, MIC and RTSD.

Ikuo Kanno
General Chair

Ralf Engels
Deputy General Chair